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About us

Icade Santé is a European leader in healthcare real estate. As of June 30, 2021, the Group owned a portfolio worth €6bn, with properties in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The 183 assets in the portfolio include hospitals(1) and nursing homes(2) operated by high-quality tenants under long-term leases with no break options.

As a long-term investor in an asset class that it helped create in France nearly 15 years ago, the Group is committed to a new €3bn investment plan between 2021 and 2025.

In a countercyclical industry with demand constantly on the rise, Icade Santé is a growing healthcare property investment company that has focused on top-notch facilities providing essential healthcare services to local communities. It aims to deliver attractive total returns over the long term. 

Note : The information presented in this section concerns both Icade Santé (healthcare assets held in France) and Icade Healthcare Europe (healthcare assets held internationally).

(1)    Short- and medium-term care facilities: acute care facilities (medicine, surgery and obstetrics), post-acute care (PAC) facilities and mental health facilities.

(2)    Long-term care facilities: nursing homes


Olivier Wigniolle

CEO of Icade, Chairman of Icade Santé

“Icade Santé has two key objectives, namely to continue expanding into European markets and be a real estate investor recognised for its commitment to the healthcare sector.”


Xavier Cheval

CEO of Icade Santé

“As today’s leading healthcare property investor in France, Icade Santé has established itself as an indispensable real estate partner over the long term for local, regional and national healthcare providers.”


Our vision

Within the framework of long-term partnerships, Icade Santé assists healthcare companies in all aspects of their real estate projects.

The teams at Icade Santé have extensive experience in real estate investment and complex project management as well as a deep understanding of the issues facing healthcare players. Our expertise enables us to offer high-quality buildings that meet the new expectations of operators in terms of operational performance and the need for comfort and well-being of their patients and residents.

Attentive to societal issues, the Group also helps its tenants manage the environmental and social impact of the buildings and their use.

In so doing, Icade Santé supports its healthcare partners in developing their operations, modernising their facilities and meeting the needs of local communities.

Moving towards a leadership role in Europe

From now until 2025, Icade Santé intends to continue its expansion into Europe and assert its role as the leading European healthcare real estate platform.

Key figures at June 30, 2021



Facilities in Europe

€6 bn

Property portfolio (on a full consolidation basis, excluding duties)

100 %

Occupancy rate across our portfolio

7.2 years

Average lease terms


Management team


Icade Santé, Places that care for people

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