Icade Santé has made CSR a key feature of its growth strategy, convinced that investing and making strong commitments in this area creates value for its stakeholders, and particularly for customers (their residents, patients and employees), partners, local communities and shareholders.

The information presented in this section concerns both Icade Santé (healthcare assets held in France) and Icade Healthcare Europe (healthcare assets held internationally).

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Our CSR ambition


Icade Santé uses dedicated tools and actions to help its healthcare partners reduce their environmental footprint, strengthen their portfolios and boost their social contribution.

Originally set out in 2018, Icade Santé’s CSR commitments have been strongly reinforced in its new CSR strategy for 2021–2025.


Elsa Couteaud

Development & CSR Manager, Icade Santé

“By integrating an environmental and social dimension into all its projects, Icade Santé is making its assets more efficient and resilient and improving the comfort and well-being of patients, residents and staff.”

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Our CSR commitments

●  Environment: ramping up the low-carbon transition and preserving resources

At a time when the real estate sector is responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in France, Icade Santé has placed environmental issues at the core of its CSR strategy. Its main objectives include ramping up the transition to a 1.5°C pathway and creating a more efficient and resilient portfolio by adapting its buildings to climate change.

Firstly, for all new projects over 4,000 sq.m, Icade Santé has committed to obtaining certification (HQE in France and BREEAM or LEED internationally) that guarantees a minimum level of performance and ensures the construction of buildings with the highest levels of quality and comfort.

In addition, to ramp up its low-carbon transition, Icade Santé has committed to measuring the carbon and energy performance of its properties from 2021 and to defining a carbon trajectory for its properties in France by the end of 2021, and for its properties abroad by 2022.
It has also committed to obtaining the French government’s E+C- (positive energy and low-carbon) label for pilot projects.

Aware of the need to make its assets more resilient to climate change, Icade Santé is committed to measuring its vulnerability and that of all its investments to the main climate risks, in France from 2021 and abroad from 2023, and to adapting its most exposed facilities by 2030.

Icade Santé has also committed to promoting biodiversity by financing the restoration and conservation of areas equivalent to those of its new projects: 1 sq.m of biodiversity restored for each sq.m built. Thus, since 2017, nearly 36,000 sq.m have been restored thanks to Icade Santé’s contributions. This commitment will be extended to all of Icade Santé’s international projects from 2022.


●  Social: developing solutions that factor in new habits and lifestyles and promote occupant well-being.

Creating a positive social impact is an integral part of Icade Santé’s business. Its investments significantly contribute to ensuring access to essential services.
To illustrate this point, Icade Santé’s facilities in France represent around 20% of the for-profit private sector. With a catchment area serving 36.5 million French people, i.e. half of the country’s population, they recorded almost 2 million stays in 2020. Icade Santé’s nursing homes total over 7,000 beds in France, Germany, Italy and tomorrow in Spain.

While having a positive social impact is intrinsic to its business, Icade Santé also assists its customers in continuously improving occupant quality of life, comfort and well-being in their healthcare facilities.

To this end, Icade Santé drafted a Quality of Life in Nursing Homes Charter in 2019. This Charter includes an internal framework encompassing over 100 criteria related to resident well-being, quality of life, safety and care.  It is now used as part of all acquisition audits.

Icade Santé has also put in place an audit process to assess the quality of patient care in its healthcare facilities in order to provide operators with solutions for property improvements.

Lastly, Icade Santé is committed to developing 70% of its major new projects using BIM (Building Information Modelling) which is an innovative way of designing and developing a project from start to finish.


●  Governance

To ensure that its social and environmental policy is implemented at all levels of its organisation, Icade Santé has also made strong commitments in terms of governance.

These include the creation of a CSR Committee at the board level, the inclusion of CSR objectives for all managers and Executive Committee members and the commitment to assess all its acquisitions against CSR criteria (carbon footprint, resilience, etc.).
In addition, Icade Santé will continue to promote sustainable financing, in line with the issue of its Social Bond in 2020.

CSR & Innovation Committees

Launched in 2018, CSR & Innovation Committees at Icade Santé make it possible to co-develop action plans that promote innovation, patient wellness and the environmental performance of the facilities.

In 2020, 92% of Icade Santé’s floor area in France was covered by a CSR & Innovation Committee.

We currently aim to set up CSR & Innovation Committees in all our properties located abroad.

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ESG Notations

The Group asked the V.E agency (Vigeo Eiris – Moody’s ESG Solutions) to assess its ESG performance. It was awarded a score of 63/100 and an A1 rating, which is the rating obtained by the top 5% of the highest-ranking companies in the “Financial Services – Real Estate Europe” sector.

According to V.E, this performance reflects “Icade Santé’s strong desire and ability to include CSR factors in its strategy, operations and risk management”.


Our CSR publications


17 nov. 2020

Icade Santé brochure (french only)

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12 mars 2021

Charter for quality of life in nursing homes

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31 août 2021

Icade Santé sets higher CSR goals and obtains V.E's A1 rating

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31 août 2021

First Annual Social Bond Report

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31 août 2021

ESG rating by V.E

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8 sept. 2020

Icade Santé Social Bond Framework - September 2020

PDF - 5,7 Mb


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